Consulate General Of Sri Lanka, Los Angeles



 May 17, 2018

 Validity of a passport cannot be extended beyond 10 years from the date of its first issue. If the passport does not have sufficient pages for visa   endorsements or  a passport  is  10 years old or the passport is lost, a new  passport must be obtained.

 Under normal circumstances it takes around 8 to 12 weeks to process a Passport application. Please note that the processing time may be varying by   case by case. Applicants are advised to apply for new passports well in advance with all supporting documents to avoid inconveniences.

 If your passport is lost ,please submit Police report along with the application.

 Inclusion of children in the parents’s passport will no longer be allowed and the children will be issued separate passports. Children under 16 years of   age also should obtain separate passports with the consent of both the parents.


 a. Duly filled Application  -

 b. Three Photographs (Colour, 3.5 cm x 4.5cm or 2” x 2”)

 c. Most recent passport

 d. Original Birth Certificate (Translations not accepted)

 e. Dual Citizenship Certificate and a copy of Foreign Passport (If the applicant is a dual citizenship holder)

 f. Academic/professional certificates and letter of appointment (If the profession is to be included)

 g. Marriage certificate (if the applicant married and wishes to have spouse’s surname entered in the passport)

 h. Certified photocopy of valid permanent resident card (If the applicant is a permanent resident in the USA).

 i. Copy of Sri Lankan National ID

 j. Police Report (if the passport is lost)

 k. Parent’s Consent letter (if the applicant is under 16 years age)

 l.Parent’s Passport copies (if the applicant is under 16 years age)

 m. If the applicant was born outside Sri Lanka, a copy of the Sri Lankan citizenship Certificate should be submitted along with the application. If such   applicant is over 21 years old, he or she should submit a declaration renouncing the citizenship of the country of birth in addition to the citizenship   certificate


 a. for M or N series passport holders - $ 150.00 b. for L,K and J series passport holders - $ 350.00

 For Lost passports

 If the passport number is available – $ 350.00

 If the passport number is not available- $ 450.00

 If the return of the passport is desired by mail, applicants may choose one of the following options and make payment together with the application   fees as follows,

 Within the State – $ 25.00 Out of State of California – $ 30.00 

 Fees may be paid by cash (only if application is hand delivered). The money orders or cashier's check should be made in favor of ” Consulate General   of Sri Lanka”

 Please note that personal check will not be accepted.



 1.Application should be filled preferably in BLOCK letters

 2. Three photographs should be furnished as specified in the application. Please ensure that the signatures are confined to the cages provided   immediately below the photographs.

 3. If the applicant doesn’t submit the application in person to the Consulate General ,the signature of the applicant in the client undertaking section   should be verified by a Notary, Medical Practitioner, Solicitor, Chief incumbent of Sri Lankan temple, Professor of University or a person of similar   status  living in the USA.

 4. If your passport is lost ,please submit Police report along with the application.

 5. The photograph should be clear, good quality, fresh (current picture) , without spectacles and with open ears.

 6. The application and original documents should be submitted along with photocopies.

 Notes: * This Embassy is not responsible for any document lost in the post

 * Submission of forged documents and making false declarations relating to citizenship is a punishable offence. Fees will not be refunded in these circumstances.

 * Incomplete applications will be returned and consular fees will not be refunded.


 You can submit the application to the consular division of the Consulate General by post or by hand. The Consular Division is open from Monday to   Friday (9 am to 3 pm). The physical and mailing address is as follows,

 3250, Wilshire Blvd,

 Suit 2180

 Los Angeles 90010


Collection of Biometrics from the Passport Applicants applying through Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions from January 1, 2018

As per Section 35(a) of the Immigrants and Emigrants Act No 20 of 1948 as amended in 2015, the Department of Immigration and Emigration(DIE) is required to obtain biometrics from passport applicants. Accordingly, the Department will be introducing a new procedure to obtain the Biometrics of passport holders whose passport has been issued through Sri Lanka Diplomatic Missions after January  01, 2018. The procedure requires every passport holder who is in the age group of 16- 60 years to provide biometrics (fingerprints and digital face image) to the Department upon his/her first entry to Sri Lanka on the new passport.

Forms and Instructions can be found at the bottom of the page 

Procedure for Biometric Collection

Step 1: On arrival, you should directly report to the Chief Immigration Officer (CIO), or the Immigration Officer at the primary counter will refer to the CIO.

Step 2: The CIO will issue you a Biometric Data Acquisition (BDA) Form with a unique number, in two copies. You are required to sign both forms, one of which will be given back to you. The BDA form should be produced at the Department for biometrics collection.

Step 3: You may reserve an appointment for biometrics submission via the online appointment reservation system or visit the Department of Immigration and Emigration head office or regional office.

Step 4: Visit the Overseas Mission Division of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (headquarters or regional office) and submit the BDA form.

Step 5: The officers will guide you on providing biometrics. The estimated time of completion of the biometric enrollment process is 45 minutes.

Step 6: Immediately after submission of biometrics, the Biometrics Declaration Form will be issued to the passport holder confirming that the collection of biometrics has been successfully completed. With the completion of this process, the system will automatically activate the passport, allowing your departure from Sri Lanka.

For more information about the new procedure for biometrics collection, please visit, contact the nearest Sri Lankan Diplomatic Mission, or the DIE Offices on following numbers:

Location Address Telephone
Colombo Overseas Mission Division, 2nd FloorDepartment of Immigration and Emigration “Suhurupaya”, Sri Subhuthipura Road, Battaramulla. +94 11 5329230
Matara 9, Sri Vijaya Building, Rahula Road, Matara. +94-41-5412212
Kandy 42/3, Sangaraja Mawatha, Kandy. +94-81-5624470, +94-81-5624509
Vavuniya JC 23, Outer Circle Road, Vavuniya. +94-25-5676344
Kurunegala 129, Dambulla Road, Kurun